In His Prescence

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Holy Father,


Why am I so opposed at going through the fire? 


You promised that you won’t ever fail me or forsake me (Joshua 24:20), but somehow I still have my doubts. I have to confess that when I look back in my life, I see Your complete faithfulness. But, then again, there is tomorrow. What’s the deal?


It’s that faith thing isn’t it?  


Faith is a gift from You (Ephesians 2:8).  You have divvied it up for each of us – giving me just the right amount (Romans 12:3). But I guess I tend to be more like the guy with the sick child. I believe in You – to an extent- but, whew, I need a fresh portion of faith for the next challenge (Mark 9:24).


Faith is a lot like manna, huh?  We can’t stockpile it, but only get just enough for the current need.  


You have promised to rain faith from heaven for us.  Everyday, we are to go and gather one day’s portion (Exodus 16:4).  Every day. It’s so simple, but I think I forgot to ask You for my portion this morning. Maybe that’s the reason I think I smell smoke. 


Can I start over?


Can I have my allotment of faith for this day? You can see how big today’s fire will be. You know how much I will need. 

Paul talked about the faith of the Thessalonians being greatly enlarged (2 Thessalonians 1:3).  Could you do that for me? 


But maybe I need a bigger container to receive it in. Maybe You’d better enlarge my heart while You are at it (Psalm 119:32).  Make me into a person you can be proud of. And in the meantime, get me through today.