Seeking the Hidden

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Mr. Judah is officially crawling


I just love this stage of babyhood and can’t wait till he brings his mom and dad to our house for Thanksgiving. 


With the help of a little Celebrex, I’m going to be down on the floor with him, crawling and teaching him my favorite game of hide-and-seek.


I remember the fun I had with Judah’s cousins when they began to crawl. First Noah and then his brother, Joshua – both learned the game quickly. 


By design, I disappeared (mostly) out of sight, to encourage their motor skills and deductive reasoning.


Watching them crawl while I sat in a chair wasn’t nearly as exciting as being on their level. Interacting with them was pure joy.  


Of course, I wanted the boys to find me and always made sure that they saw me hide. Their squeals of discovery were always worth the wait.


As I anticipate Judah’s visit, today’s verse in James struck me in a new way:


Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” (James 4:8). 


God has already come “down on the floor” to us through His Son, Jesus. As we catch a glimpse of Him, it’s our cue to start our immature crawl toward Him


Seek the Lord while He makes Himself available; call to Him while he is nearby!” (Isaiah 55:6,7). 


Sometimes, it seems that the Lord is purposefully hiding from us. Isaiah felt that way when he cried out “Truly, You are a God Who hides Himself!”.


When it seems that your Father has disappeared, know that He is just around the corner. He tucks Himself just beyond our reach, so that we will come after Him


No one can come to Me unless the Father… draws him.” (John 6:44). 

His absence carries a magnetism with it. Only those who are truly His will continue to seek Him even when He seems hard to find. 


Be one who waits for Him, even when it seems that He is hiding His face from you. Seek for Him eagerly and know that “He will let you find Him”.


He desires the interaction with you even more than you do yourself. He is not any further away than where you can crawl.


Will you start your crawl?