Don’t Let One Mistake Lead to Another

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Mistakes are the most destructive force in our lives.”


The caption caught my attention as I thumbed through a SkyMall magazine on a recent flight. I kept reading:


“Turn on the power to success, money and happiness with zero mistakes. (This book) by ** supplies you with sharp advice on how to avoid mistakes to become successful, happy, wealthy and healthy.” 


(Kinda funny how they just reworded the same thing, don’t you think?)


But, yeah, I hate mistakes, don’t you?


I’m not really a perfectionist. Yet, mistakes waste time – something we never seem to have enough of. 


Wouldn’t it be great if every plan not only was the best thought out, but also was carried out with the greatest efficiency?


Well, that pretty much sums up what it’s like to be wise.


Remember the definition from yesterday?


Wise” – Greek adjective “sophos” – Forming the best plans and using the best means for their execution.


Keeping that in mind, here are some spiritual principles regarding wisdom:


  • The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Psalm 111:10)

      • It starts with attitude: an attitude that respects God.  Without it, we won’t have the best plan, because we won’t be listening to the Best Planner. If we don’t have the best plan, how much less will we know how best to execute.


      • Sometimes we are terrified at what God might “do to us” if we turn over  planning to Him. If you are at this point, start with being willing to be willing. Ask Him to reveal how much better His plans are than your own. Pray that He will reveal Himself so as to increase your faith.

  • Truth and wisdom go hand in hand. (Psalm 51:6)



  • Wisdom is given first to the heart, not the mind (Proverbs 2:10). 


      • When our heart has adopted a submissive attitude to obey God, then our heart is open to hear His plans for us.


      • John MacArthur says, “Wisdom then is not what I know, wisdom is how I live”. As wisdom bubbles forth from our inner being, it will naturally affect our decisions and actions.


So how do you keep from making mistakes? In parenting? Mentoring? Just plain living?


(Hint: I am pretty sure it’s not by shopping on SkyMall.)