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Prove It!


I loved this book. 


An easy reader, every page included step-by-step instructions for simple “science” experiments” with stuff you already had around the house. Perfect for my then budding research career.


Although I loved watching the way that soap repelled floating pepper, I don’t know that I actually ever proved anything. I was much more interested in just gooping around on the kitchen counter than I was in gaining any understanding.


I think that we are much this way with our “adult” understanding. 


Who among you is wise and understanding?” (James 3:13).


Wise” – Greek adjective “sophos” – Forming the best plans and using the best means for their execution.


Understanding” – Greek adjective “epistemon” – one having the knowledge of an expert.


In other words, who has the best plans, uses the best execution and is considered an expert?


Let him prove it.




Well, it’s sure not by just by an opinion. Forming judgments based on our experiences isn’t wisdom. ( That’s just being opinionated.) 


No, wisdom has several prerequisites. And James gives us the first one in today’s verse: 


It’s the evidence of gentleness.


What??? This doesn’t even make any sense. How can the substantiation of wisdom come in a tender temperament?


When I think about all of the outspoken parents and mentors out there who claim wisdom, I sure don’t see this. 


Yet, James says that the proof of really knowing what is best is in being gentle.


Gentleness” – Greek noun “prautes” – mildness of disposition, gentleness of spirit, meekness. 


Isn’t that the character of being mealy-mouthed and indecisive?


Well, actually, this exact same word is a fruit of the Spirit


William Barclay says, “It is not a spineless gentleness, it is not a sentimental fondness, it is not a passive quietism, it is a strength under control.”


If we really know what we are talking about – in parenting, marriage, career, or otherwise – it will be evidenced and proved by the fact that we have authority because we are a person under authority


We have the best plans when we follow the example an laid out by the Best Planner.

We have the best execution when we follow the Master Implementer.

We are an expert when we hear and obey the Holy Rememberer. 


Wanna be considered wise? 


Then prove it by the way that you live.


How have you seen heavenly wisdom evidenced in your daily life?