Using my Tongue in Prayer

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Holy Father,


Despite the fact that You have told me that not many should be teachers, I do find myself in that role all too often. Are there any of those situations that I should get out of? I would appreicate your direction here.


I mess up so often, but I am very thankful that You don’t condemn me. You always just draw me back to You, asking that I agree with Your Word and move on


I’m really coming to realize how important my words are. When I speak on my own initiative, I really get myself in trouble. I expose the nastiness of my heart and spread my fiery words to others. When I allow You to bridle my tongue, I speak only what You are saying and have the peace of knowing that I’ve pleased both You and I. 


You’ve definitely convicted me about my tongue as a fire. I know fire’s destruction. Please guard my tongue, so that I won’t destroy precious lives with the flame of what I say. I can’t tame my tongue. Only You can. So I ask that You begin the tedious work of bringing my speech into submission first and then I’m counting on You to curb my actions as well. Come on. Let’s get started.



What’s on your heart to say to Him today?