Partial Factions

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What if God were partial?


What if He looked at you to see whether or not:

You resembled Him,

You had something to give Him,

You had a trait that He wanted to aspire to?


Kinda creepy to think about, huh?


He can be no respecter of persons because He is complete. 


He doesn’t need to look outside of Himself for fulfillment. He is and that’s enough. 


He is:

Complete wisdom

Complete love

Complete righteousness


And when He adopts us into the Family, putting His Spirit inside makes us enough, too. Since He has given us all that we need for life and godliness. He sees us all as equals – equally in need of His wisdom, love, and righteousness.


He accepts us each for who we are and doesn’t even use “religiousity” as His measuring stick.  He gives us the Eternal Spirit – the same One that He has – and pronounces us completed. 


Our problem lies in not seeing from His perspective. We just keep looking at our present messy reality and quickly assume holiness didn’t complete us. 


But He always has His eye on the final reality: the way that things will be one day in the heavenlies. And He acts as if we are already there – freed up to walk righteously, holy and complete.


Our key to the partiality problem lies in seeing things from this same perspective:


So speak and so act, as those who are to be judged by the law of liberty.” (James 2:12)


He appraises as if we were already completely living in this wide freedom.


When we dig a little deeper into that word “liberty”, we find the Greek word “eleutheria”. It means freedom from being ruled by our own desires, so that we can act from the impulses of God.


Isn’t that amazing? As a Kingdom citizen, we’ve been implanted with a God-current, pulsing through our spirit. Our faith activates the Holy Electricity to overflow into our thoughts and actions. 


We can make a simple choice against partiality as we recognize just who we are. 


Complete in Him, we have no need for draining our energy out of someone else. After all, that is what favoritism does. Our surge is connecting with Him.


Each time we recognize a prejudice or partiality within us, we must turn our thoughts immediately to our completeness in Christ. 


As you read the Word, begin to make a listing of just who you are in Him. That way you will be ready when the next temptation toward favoritism comes your way. Keeping your mind on who you are in Him protects you from worrying about whether or not you are like someone else.


Oh….and what about Amanda?


She is one of my best friends now. We help one another see things from our unique perspectives and challenge one another to keep facing Christ. In fact, every time that I read “fix your eyes on Jesus”, I think of her. (Thanks, Amanda). 


How about you? How do you deal with partiality, especially in your family?