The Danger of Anger

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Today’s guest blogger is someone that I know quite well – my husband, Mark. I asked him to present this particular verse because he is a man of authority in this realm. His life is a consistent overflow of the righteousness of God, not his own anger. (Am I blessed or what?)



For the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God.” (James 1:20)


Righteousness doesn’t define God – God defines righteousness.  


Righteousness is not something God conforms to.  Righteous is who He is. When we read that God is righteous or just, we are being assured that His actions toward us are in perfect agreement with His Holy nature.


God displays righteousness in both compassion, and in anger.  This is hard to fathom, because a great chasm exists in how we separate anger from righteousness.  


We are a blend of that which is born of flesh and that which has been reborn of Spirit.  We know both worlds.  


We first learned anger in the flesh.  We only know righteousness in the Spirit.  And we cannot get to God’s righteousness through our anger.


At times anger stems from:

intense mental frustration




Other times anger results from:

emotional frustrations





Uncontrolled and unchecked, the result is an outburst of anger.  Whether lasting a moment or an extended period of time, perspectives reduced to the flesh simply will not produce spiritual attributes.


As children of God,we have been crucified to the things of the flesh.  As such, we are free from the law of sin and death.  In freedom, we can choose to die dailyDying to the flesh, in part, is dying to the anger of man.  To die to the anger of man we must be renewed in our minds.


When Jesus challenged the thoughts of the Jews and Pharisees, without conforming to their rules and regulations, they were threatened.  Some angrily concluded He was not righteous.  Jesus was not the source of their anger.  He was the object of their anger.  


The great division which arose among the Jews was over the issue of whether Jesus was a righteous man or a sinner.  His character, His words, His actions, all stemmed from His righteousness. 


Righteousness is not determined by man’s external conformity.  It is determined by God from internal and eternal transformation.  To live a life of righteousness, the Spirit of God in you must conquer anger.


The source of anger is not another person.  


The source is an incomplete spiritual transformation when we willfully allow the old life to keep a piece of the territory that has been fully redeemed.  


What, not who, but what, is the source of your anger? Until you answer that question you are not much better off than the Pharisees.


When have your children or mentees seen anger within you? What was its source?