Steadfast in Stability

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I’m excited to introduce my first guest blogger today. I met Karissa as a single college student several years ago, when she visited Taiwan. Today, Karissa is wife to the man of her dreams and mom to two princesses and three little dudes. She makes her home in East Asia and blogs about cross-cultural living, parenting, adoption, organization and doing every bit of it at the feet of Jesus. Check out her blog at:



I always expected to “arrive”. I naively assumed that one day life would click and I would have it all together. I wouldn’t struggle with keeping a nice home, serving my husband well, having the right attitude and perspective for every situation, raising my children, being active in ministry… After all, there were plenty of perfect people that I had looked up to for much of my life. They had arrived, hadn’t they? 


As life has continued and I have grown up that expectation has mercifully been destroyed. Now, I believe strongly that He who began a good work in me will continue it to completion. However, I am aware more than ever that this life is full of trial, suffering and sin. That is not to be a downer. The life that Father has in His grace blessed me with and called me to is an adventure. It is a joy filled journey and His grace is enough. But it is hard, there are daily struggles. “Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial…” (James 1:12)


Trial. Temptation. Sin.


When we met with our social worker during our adoption process she was incredibly encouraging. Upon meeting us she announced that if anyone could do it we could and that our home had just the dynamic needed for two children coming from a difficult beginning. But her strongest warning came in this form, “Know your pitfalls.” Everyone has them. Life is a struggle. 


Some of my pitfalls are lack of rest, lack of organization and lack of preparedness (i.e.. planning meals ahead). Above all of this my greatest pitfall is wandering perspective. It is my desire to remain steadfast. I want to stay in this place of freedom Jesus set me in when He adopted me. I know it is here where I find joy, peace, hope, rest. The list goes on. Surely there is blessing in holding steadfastly to Him. When I keep Jesus my focus, when I allow His Word to hold my heart through the trials I do not waver. 


It hinges on love. This blessed steadfastness. Notice at the end of James 1:12 it says, “which God has promised to those who love him.” It’s the love that endures. The crown of life is promised to all those that allow the love of God to reign in their hearts. God’s love must be firmly in charge.


I’m so thankful that “the steadfast love of God endures all the day” …may it hold me steadfastly at His feet. 


Practical steps towards being steadfast:

Know your pitfalls. What trials do you routinely face that trip you up?

Create habits that reinforce stability. Are there plans you can put into place to keep steadfast?

Safeguard your steps.