Simple wisdom

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“Pray as you can, not as you can’t.”


Bobbie’s words struck like a bright bolt of understanding into my dark space of confusion. 


For weeks, I had been grappling with just how to connect with God. At age fourteen, my insecurity complicated the thought of prayer into an elaborate, mysterious web.


Yet in her simple and straightforward way, Bobbie gave me hope that prayer was something I could actually do. 


My mentor’s character was just like that: knowledgable yet uncomplicated. Her words were easy to follow and she had a way of unraveling my tangled issues effortlessly and clearly. Whatever my question, I knew that I could go to her for wisdom, truth and honesty.


She never chided or criticized, but was always excited that I wanted to know more.


Years later, I realized that Bobbie’s gift of wisdom came from the very Source of all wisdom. She gave simply because that’s how she had received her wisdom from God. 


He is a God of simplicity, not confusion


Using the colorful Greek of his day, James describes God as One who gives to everyone simply, without complication. 


This Greek word,haplos”, is usually translated into our English versions as liberally or generously. It is only used one time in all of Scriptures – here in James 1:5


God’s gift of wisdom is very simple and plain. He knows that understanding comes best when it’s uncomplicated – 


  • Without reproach
  • Without reproof
  • Without fault
  • Without criticism
  • Without contempt
  • Without objection
  • Without a hidden agenda


If you need it and believe that He will give it, then He grants it – simple as that.


So what makes it so complicated?


Simply put – our second-guessing.


Unfortunately, we usually ask for His clarity and then still try using our own processes to sort out our difficulties.


We’ve all had friends who have asked for our advice, but then disregarded it to continue in their own pathway. In time, we realize that speaking truth to them seems a waste of our breath.


It’s the same way with God. Are we really ready to hear Him and act?  Or are we just going to take His word as a mere suggestion?


The problem with second-guessing His voice is that is doesn’t just clog our own source of wisdom, it disrupts the flow for those under our influence as well.


In fact, questioning God’s answers gives both our children and mentees authority to question Him as well. 


Certainly, not what we are going for with our circle of influence, huh?


Use this week to practice simply asking for His wisdom and simply waiting till He gives it.


I promise that it will encourage those around you to do the same.


How do you wait for wisdom?