The Source of the Delivery

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8th gr ind pic


In middle school, I discovered an ad for a “free book”.


Excited, I filled out the information and awaited its arrival.


Turned out, it wasn’t that great of a book and I didn’t even finish it.


The following month – you guessed it — another book arrived addressed to me.


In my ignorance, I opened it, glad receive something in the mail. 


Yet, nestled among the packing was a bill for this unsolicited book. Not only was it a genre I wouldn’t read, I now owed the company more than if I had bought a book of my choice in the bookstore.  


Of course, my mom saw my dilemma and showed me a simple procedure.  I bundled up the unread books and sent them back to the company. The postage came out of my allowance, which hurt just enough to teach me that “free offers” usually aren’t.  


Mom also showed me that when the next one came; I could simply refuse it from the postman. Within a book or two, the company stopped sending them altogether. 


We should be this wise with our thought life.


The evil one is always dropping unsolicited unbelief in the mailbox of our minds. 


Why do we even allow thoughts of doubt to come through the door of our lives?  Why don’t we recognize them for what they are, and refuse to entertain them?  Why do we think we must take them in to feed and pamper?


It really makes no sense.


God, who cannot lie, promises:




  • to be greater than our emotions, our fears, our enemies, our finances and our circumstances.




We should be running hard toward such promises!  


Let’s do so starting now.


Receive only what His Holy Postman sends. Refuse every other thought today and return it to the sender.


What will you refuse delivery on today?