Believe Through the Wait

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When we believe what He says, we are aligning ourselves with final reality.


Right now – 


Your kids may be screaming


Your phone may be ringing


Your watch may be saying you are late


But is this the way that your final reality will be?


No – that’s easy. 


In final reality – 


You will see a new heaven and a new earth.


You will have every single tear wiped forever from your eyes.


Your leg (or shoulder, or back, or head) won’t hurt any more.


Your every desire will be satisfied with the spring of Life.


Think of all the peace and rest you will experience.


God wants our “insides” to go ahead and start living that way.


Remember Psalm 62:5?


“My soul, wait in silence for God only, For my hope is from Him.”


No matter our situation, the problem doesn’t lie within in the circumstances.


The problem lies within how we respond to it.  


Only in God can our emotions and thoughts be silenced. Our “hope is from Him”.


In the Greek, “hope” carries with it the meaning of a cord.


Picture this as an umbilical cord, attaching mother to child. All the nutrients needed by the child comes through this source. In the embryonic state, a fetus is still yet unprepared to receive nourishment except through this lifeline.


Until He gives us a new body in heaven, we are His fetuses. Hope is the Holy Umbilical Cord that attaches us to our Life Source. 


We are to rest and receive everything directly from Him. 


Holy Father,


I can hear all of the ‘what-if’s’ and ‘could-happens’ around me.  I may be in an embryonic pre-heaven state, but my ears can hear quite well.


Remind me that no matter how overwhelming my circumstances or how they desire to cramp me in, You are my deliverance. I cry out to You – in fact, I say it aloud, ‘I will believe that God alone is my salvation!’


Thank You for giving me hope. You promised that this hope will be an anchor in my soul. Hope is my lifeline to You through my vine/branch relationship.  My hope is in You alone.  


I will believe.  I will no longer allow doubt to linger around me.  Hush, thoughts of fear.  Be dumbed, emotions of panic.  I am connected with my Lord.  He alone furnishes me with thoughts.  He alone stimulates my emotions.  


May it be done to me as I believe (and please… help my unbelief). In Jesus’ Name, Amen.