He is good with you.

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The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” (John 1:14).


In the literal Greek, the word “dwelt” means “tabernacled”. 


Jesus put on a fleshly body set for quick decay to live nearby us where we could get a good look.


He tabernacled in our midst.


Hummmm….tabernacled – that’s was the Old Testament mobile tent, right?


Uh-huh. The Old Testament tabernacle was:



The old tabernacle was full by rules that must be accomplished perfectly to please God. (Check out just some of them outlined in Exodus 25:10-Exodus 31-18). 


The problem was it didn’t work very well. 


All those laws never actually made anyone perfect.


So Jesus, waiting in heaven for just such a moment, got dressed and blended in. 


His new act of “tabernacling” (is that a word?) was much the same as the old:



But where the old tabernacle was full of rules and shadows, the New Tabernacle is full grace and Truth


The first didn’t do it when it came from making anyone feel better in conscience.


The Second satisfies our conscience by letting us know that things are settled between us and God


Jesus temporarily tabernacled on earth so that through Him, you can hear God say to you, “I like you. Things are good between us”.


If you have received His Life into yours, then you are good with God.


Why can’t you be good with yourself?


Go to Him in confidence today


This relationship was His idea in the first place.