Spiritual eyes and attraction

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“Holy, holy, holy….I want to see You.”


We sing all kinds of songs about knowing Christ and being more like Him. But do we really mean it? 


If we want to see Him, we need to know how His own spiritual vision works. 


What do spiritual eyes find attractive? 


The inner man, not the outer one.


“God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart”. 


We can get pretty dazzled by what we can see with our physical eyes.


We glorify food and furniture, Ferraris and figures (and then have to Photoshop those to make them even more appealing). 


But that same thing can be repulsive to the Spirit


What we say doesn’t impress Him. He looks at what we do.


He is always looking at the heart.


Today, pay attention to what holds your sight.


How much time do you spend thumbing through magazines that make you want more stuff?


How much of your down time is spent thinking about yourself rather than helping others?


How much of your computer time is spent on your own fancies, rather than pushing towards what pleases Him?


How can we be more proactive in practically seeking Him amidst our busy day?