Enlightened by the Invisible One

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When we started this series on spiritual vision, we began recognizing that we have two sets of eyes


Once convinced that the Invisible One exists, we take our first step toward using our second set of eyes. 


As Cosmic Creator, God specializes in calling ‘into being that which does not exist”. 


He is invisible Himself and is Spirit, not physical. 


Yet He desires that we know Him, but we cannot do so with our physical eyes. 




After His resurrection, even Christ’s followers had to adjust to this new way of vision:


The guys on the road to Emmaus…


Mary Magdalene outside the tomb…


Simon Peter on the beach…


Even those that had known Him visually during His stay on earth had to learn this new way of seeing


So what are we waiting for? 


Why do we keep thinking that we should be able to rely only on clear visuals which are obvious to our physical eyes?


God is training us to exercise our spiritual vision now, so that our inner eyes will be accustomed to the brilliant residence we will be living in one day.


So here is what I am praying for you:


“I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened” (Ephesians 1:18).


Holy Father,


We indeed do need to have our spiritual eyes opened. In comparison to Your sparkling splendor, our physical vision is crude and darkened. 


You are the One Who lit the spark of our understanding in the first place. Go ahead and turn on the light in our spiritual man as well. 


We really need to live with a confident expectation of our standing invitation to come before You. Anytime, any place, and about any thing.


Why do we think that what we do day to day changes the feeling You established about us before we were conceived? Thank You that our mess-ups never shock or surprise You. All you expect is a sincere apology to regain our entry into Your glorious Presence. 


Open our spirits to see the abundant and apparent splendor of getting a son’s (or daughter’s) share of all that You own. No matter what happens here on the earth, we are covered and comforted by the King’s name on our birth certificate. Help us to act that way.


Give us insight into Your overwhelming mega-dynamo of power that is generated by our simple belief. Faith is the only thing that we can do, and is often the last thing we resort to. Give us clarity to understand how confidence in You is really all we need.


Yes, enlighten our hearts, Lord. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


(Prayer based on Ephesians 1:18-19).