From God’s viewpoint, there were only two tablets worth of laws. Since He wrote them Himself, He must have had in mind how much stone it would take.


But, when the Pharisees’s came along, they decided the law needed more detail. In fact, they added pages and pages of interpretation. People like that really annoy me. What about you?


Yet, the Apostle James said that when we quibble that another Christian isn’t doing it our way, we are setting up random laws just like the Pharisees. “He who speaks against a brother, and judges his brother, speaks against the law, and judges the law” (James 4:11).


You see, God’s law in Christ Jesus is meant to actually simplify our rule-keeping rather than increase it. You’ve been set free from meticulous perfectionism. There is now only one Law: Life.


Life-Law is hearing moment by moment what to do next. This is done by listening directly to His Spirit. We are no longer bound by religious “ought-to’s”.



We don’t escape from legalism (or sin for that matter) by predetermining what we will do next. That has never worked. And still won’t .


Instead, the plan is to simply agree with His plan. We turn the “doing of it” over to Him. 


Predetermining procedures simply takes the Life-breath out of walking in the Spirit


Fastidiously splitting hairs just drags others into our misery. Before we know it, we are pressing them into our self-made mold and trash-talking them when they slip out. 


If God has not particularly spelled out a mode of action in His Word, He must have a broad interpretation for the way it can be enacted. 


Then why do we think our particular interpretation is the only way it can be achieved? (It’s the Lord who will accomplish what concerns you, remember?


For the most part, let others be, dear Christian.  


Do not speak against one another.


That’s the only way to give God space to work within you. 


We are to do what the Life-law breathes upon us to do – and that is usually something simple like keeping your mouth shut or loving the unlovely. 


Let God breathe suitable actions into your fellow Christian. That’s when BodyLife will work. He is working everything out for the good of the whole.






He who has the Son has the Life (1 John 5:12).


Which Life?

The Life which became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14).


He who has the Son has the Life.


What Life?


The Bread of Life, The Light of Life, the Word of Life — Who was seen, touched and heard (John 8:12; 1 John 1:1).


He who has the Son has the Life.


Whose Life?


Not merely my life, cleaned up and dressed in its Sunday best. This Life is not me, turned around and walking in a better direction. No, this Life is new to me – the new self, the Life of the Son that has replaced my own (Colossians 3:4; Ephesians 4:24; Galatians 2:20).


He who has the Son has the Life.


Where is this Life?


This Life resides within my body, housed in frailty, weakness and imperfection. On the outside, bare and earthen — on the inside full of glory (2 Timothy 2:20-21; Zechariah 2:5). In the place that once had a heart of stone, I now have a heart for the throne. A new Spirit for the old; a warm heart for the cold (Ezekiel 36:25-27).


This Life is holy, demanding the most sacred residence hall for His dwelling. It can’t be a habitation I’ve created by perception or posture.This Life doesn’t dwell in houses made by human hands nor can He be served by the way I stand (Acts 7:48; 17:24). This dwell is of His doing. A Holy of Holies. An inner room within me, where the Shekinah Presence abides and everything cries “glory!” (2 Chronicles 7:1-2; Psalm 29:9). A place of brilliance, of fire, of burning. The all-powerful Life encased within an all-fallible body.


The breath of the Almighty has given me this Life (Job 33:4). Not just for my lungs. Not just for my mind. Not just for my energy. But for my life.


Why this Life?


He who has the Son has the Life because the Life of the Son now is my Life, too (Colossians 3:4). May I live thus, O Lord. May I live You well.