Thank You for not only being the God Who releases captives (Isaiah 42:7), but the God Who sent Your Son specifically to release them (Luke 4:18). Your desire has always been that mankind can be fruitful and subdue the earth, not to have that which is earthly subdue us (Genesis 1:28).


I come to You today Lord on behalf of one of the captives. (Food, drugs, alcohol, pornography, narcissism — you fill in the addiction) is holding (name of individual) captive and I come to You on behalf of this enslavement.


Breaking this addition is like a dream to him/her right now, but You are the bondage breaker. You are stronger than any “strong man” of addiction that has (name of individual) bound and guarded (Luke 11:21-22). Spirit of addiction, in the Name of Jesus Christ, we press our foot down upon your neck for all the misery you have dealt our friend (Joshua 23:10). In fact, we turn the tables on you, spirit of addiction, commanding that you become the captive — to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:4-5). God of peace come quickly to crush this enemy as we hold him underneath our feet (Romans 16:20). Arise, O Lord and shatter the teeth of this enemy, that it loses it’s bite (Psalm 3:7). May I persevere in prayer over this until this addiction is beaten as fine as dust in the wind (Psalm 18:42).


Lord, in my prayer weakness, do the fighting on (name of individual’s) behalf as I simply trust You (Exodus 14:13-14; Psalm 138:7-8).


Father, I ask Your Kingdom to come fully into (name of individual’s) life so that Your desire will be done within them, according to the pattern You already have planned for them in heaven (Matthew 6:10; Ephesians 2:10; Exodus 26:30). Lead them out of this captivity by Your very Hand (Psalm 126:1). How giddy with joy they will be when they look back one day to see Your work (Psalm 126:2). We look forward to the day when they can help others find freedom from this same oppression by saying, “It was the Lord that did this marvelous thing. It was all His work!” (Psalm 126:3).


Reset the button of (name of individual’s) life, Father. Reset them back to that time when they was more excited about life itself than their addiction. May Your work pour out so abundantly that it’s like a rushing stream pervading all their whole life (Psalm 126:4). I realize that right now, there may still be days of tears ahead, but grant them the insight to see that You are collecting every tear (Psalm 56:8). As the tears fall, help them see how they are transformed into precious seed that You use for even more life. I claim Your promise that the tears You sow will sprout up as joy (Psalm 126:5-6). 


Father, grant a holy anger for this addiction to take hold of (name of individual’s) heart. Grant them the ability to hate the addiction more than they desire it. We realize that it is only through the death of a seed that true life sprouts. When he/she is tempted to cheat, may they call satan out as the liar that he is (John 8:44) and want You more than they want the substance. Reveal to them the littleness of the addictive morsel and the largeness of abundant life You have ahead of them. 


Granted, when self control is left up to self, there is little control. But, we are asking You to be their self-control. You promised that You would grant self-control as evidence of Your Spirit inside (Galatians 5:22-23).


I stand here with the claim check for the abundance You have promised (name of individual). Fulfill the order according to Your promises. We believe in You, Jesus, Amen.



Print out this prayer, so that you can pray it often.



In a land of high rises, this farm girl was thankful that her first Taiwan rental had ground-floor entry.



Within days of moving in, however, we realized that the parking spot in front of our entry gate was going to be a problem. 



The next door neighbor was the worst about blocking the entry. More often than not, we returned home with his motorcycle leaned against our gate.



Now this wasn’t just any scooter. With a oversized windshield, tall handlebars, and leather saddlebags, this bike was a real anomaly – and Mr. Wang knew it. He washed the cycle, dusted the cycle and polished the cycle. In fact, he worshipped it. 



After several weeks of discussion, we finally compromised that as long as we could open our door, he could park his bike directly in front of our house. 



We thought the kindness would give us an opportunity to share Christ with Mr. Wang. But we were wrong. He was on top of the world and had a flashy Yamaha to prove it. 



As we continued to pray for Mr. Wang, an interested thing happened. The bike disappeared from our gate. 



One day, Mark bumped into our neighbor and was shocked at his disheveled appearance. After exchanging some awkward pleasantries, Mark asked about the motorcycle. 



She’s gone,” Mr. Wang replied with a blank stare. “Someone stole her and I don’t know what to do.



After a brief pause, he continued in Chinese, “Without her, I don’t know what to live for.



You see, the evil one had misdirected Mr. Wang’s dependence from Truth to a tricked-out Yamaha. 



As long as there is no need, no one naturally seeks God (Psalm 14:1-3). Once we become desperate, however, our heart is one step closer to really knowing Truth. 



Effective intercession begins with an insight into dependence. For where your treasure is, there your heart is as well (Matthew 6:21).



We need to ask for wisdom to discern dependency issues. Relying on anything other than God is a deceit addiction



And remember: deceit’s dad is the father of all lies (John 8:44).



Yesterday, we read about what the evil one relies on. 



Now think of those for whom you are praying:



Is your granddaughter fixated on her looks? Ask the Stronger Man to gently bind up this obsession and release her to see herself through His eyes (Song 4:7).



Is your friend caught in a web of worry? Pray that our Almighty God gag those deceiving whispers and turn her eyes toward Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides (Genesis 22:14).



Is your co-worker choked with cynicism? Request the Spirit of Power to reveal the source of his mistrust and heal him with the freedom of Truth (John 8:32).



Let’s join together today by targeting Christ’s power toward the chains of deceit



By the way, what specific prayer are you praying?




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