Breaking spirit of fear




Thank You that You are the Unmovable Rock of my salvation (Psalm 18:2) and are far greater than my anxious and quavering heart (1 John 3:20). You tell me over and again in Your Word, “Do not fear,” but I forget easily and allow my heart to be heavy and weighted down with worry (Luke 21:34). Yuck.

My emotions can be like the storms of the sea — tossing this way and that. Yet I remember that no matter what is within my own heart, You are greater (Isaiah 55:9). In the very depths of my own weakness, I bow before You knowing that somehow my weakness is the very thing that initiates Your power (2 Corinthians 12:9). My weakness releases Your power to descend in strength (2 Corinthians 12:10). You tell me that You must increase and that I must decrease (John 3:30). So maybe getting comfortable in my own weakness is the very prerequisite for watching Your strength kick in (2 Corinthians 11:30). Selah.

Spirit of fear, you have no place in my life because anxiety never originates in God (2 Timothy 1:7). Jesus has given me all authority over the spirit of fear and your henchmen of despair, hopelessness, and worry (Luke 10:19; Mark 16:17-18).

Father, bind up the evil one as he calls the rulers of darkness onto the court of my mind and emotions. Thank You Lord for giving Your angels charge concerning me, to guard me in all my ways (Psalm 91:11). Thank You for sending out Your heavenly warriors as ministering spirits to help me in this area (Hebrews 1:14). Your invisible messengers bear me up every time I am about to trip (Psalm 91:12). Grant me boldness in prayer to tread upon the lion of doubt and the serpent of anxiety, treading them down until they are dust under my feet (Psalm 91:13; Psalm 18:37-42).

Grant me a glimpse of You each and every day, Lord (Psalm 17:15; 1 John 3:3). As You reveal Yourself, my focus will be riveted to Your splendor and fixed upon Your glory (2 Corinthians 3:18). May my eyes become so accustomed to seeing You that all else is undecipherable. Seeing You, the God of all peace, is the best way to know peace (2 Thessalonians 3:16). In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.


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For almost two weeks, the Father has been bringing individuals into our lives who have vulnerably shared their stories with us. We understand that line out of our nursery hymn a little better: “I am weak, but He is strong.”



You have heard Mona Gregory’s heart in earlier posts. Lean near today as she shares some of her experiences while she and her family lived in Asia.





In 2004, my family had just returned from a month long trip of training in Singapore to our home of ten months in southern China.  It was refreshing that it seemed like home, but a few days later I began to get sick.  All of my new friends were busy, so I set out to find a doctor in our city of 1.2 million that could speak English and be willing to use my needle for a blood test. 



I remember getting on my knees before leaving our apartment and calling out, “Only You can do this, Lord“.  



I climbed into the taxi and tried to explain what I needed, but he couldn’t understand me.  I then sat there and he stared at me as I prayed.  Then I looked up at him and pointed to my arm, and he took off. 



I discovered later that he took me to the only women’s and children’s hospital in the city, and the only doctor that spoke English.  I found out later the taxi driver didn’t even know that.



There was something incredibly special about being in China.  I loved the people and saw God do miraculous things, save many people, and literally direct my steps.  But it was the day in and day out dependence on Him to function that made those four years precious.  



I remember one day that a new believer stopped by our house.  Feng was a computer specialist that spoke a different dialect.  He had stopped by to help with our I.T. problems. 



As Feng entered and we exchanged simple formalities, he asked if he could pray with me.  We got on our knees around our coffee table and he prayed, “God, help us understand each other.” 



When he finished praying, we spoke not only about our computer problems, but also his travels in the villages and reports about his wife and son.  



You see, Feng had been traveling to villages to share the miracle of his healthy son and the transformation from walking in the dark to walking in the light. 



When he left, I praised God!! 



In our weakest moments, when there is no option but to depend on Him, “His power is made perfect in our weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)



Oh Father, in the situations like language barriers, cancer, conflict, car wrecks, loneliness, and hurt may I never forget that I am weak and You are strong.  May I always, even in the days when there is no language barrier or disease, especially on those ordinary days, walk in weakness depending on You for my every step.  Just like that day I had no idea where I was going.  For Your Name, Jesus!  Amen





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