Fast For Families


These are tried and true “gotta-get-a-meal-on-the-table-now” selections. These are for the soccer practice nights or the fly-by dinners just before play practice. Ready, Set. Cook.



One-Pan Potatoes and Pepper “Steak”


Sloppy Joes




BBQ Pork Chops and Beans


Monte Cristo Sandwiches


Garlic-Roasted Tenderloin




Quick Tortilla Soup 


Vickie’s Parmesan Chicken


Picante Chicken


Quick Italian Chicken


Tuscan Chicken


Greek Chicken or Beef


Mexican Skillet Chicken or Beef


Fettuccine (can be vegetarian)


Pecan Crusted Chicken (or Fish)


Easy-Peesy Parmesan Chicken




Fish Tacos


Asian Shrimp with Pasta



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