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Wow, you made it. I was wondering when you would arrive. Have a seat and let’s talk.H+M-Portraits-301 - Version 2




Tell me about you. Have you been hearing the Father lately?


Or is it kinda quiet in the spirit dimension right now?


Do you hurt sometimes in the wee hours of the morning? Do you try to keep busy so that you don’t have to think? Do you need a mentor? Yeah, me too.


But in the quietness of this moment I wanted to let you know that I’m listening.


It’s good to have someone to share with even if it can’t be face to face. God relates to us that way right now, you know.


I post here on Friday evenings  – depending on Him to put into words what He is engraving on my heart. I promise to do that with simplicity and candor.


I’d love to have you join me. To make that easier, you can subscribe via RSS




Me? Oh, I grew up in a small town and then spent 20 years in a city over a million.


I started praying for a husband at 13 and met Mark on a plane 8 years later. Although he’s not listening in on us right now, he really is the reason I’m getting the chance to chat with you. He’s my biggest fan.


Family is a big deal to both of us. We figure that, after all, they are our biggest witness.




We have two married daughters, which help in so many ways.


You’ll see Hannah’s design work everywhere on this site.


Hilary leads worship with me when I stand to speak.



And of course, there are the grands. 


Hummm….All this and yet I’m still really hungry for more. Ever feel that way?


Cool, then let’s do this together.



Kandy Persall


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